Rich and Dave made the visit so simple to organise. They took the stress out of my hands! Thank you!

Lorraine Miller, Morley Academy

I am moving to London to work in the West-End! This has been the best two days of my life!

Megan Wilson, Student

We recently took a group of 60 year 11 pupils from Yorkshire to London for three days and I have to say we couldn’t have wished for a better experience. Rich and his team looked after us perfectly. They catered to our every need.

Tony Staneff, Teacher

Providing the students with the opportunity to work with professional actors from the West End was extremely exciting. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and we certainly saw the impact of these in their GCSE and A’ Level work back at school. They were provided with fun and exciting workshops, which entertained but also helped them to develop vital skills and techniques. ‘The Woman in Black’ workshop particularly ignited the students’ love for tension building, and gave them the ability to engage an audience through storytelling. The delivery of this workshop was superb! (Thanks Rich!)

When working at the famous Pineapple Dance Studios our students found the ‘Shrek’ workshop extremely enjoyable and we saw even some of our shyest students brought out of their shells. The feedback from our students regarding both workshops was extremely positive, with many explaining how they had been inspired to aim to work within the performing Arts industry. After talking to the professional actors about their experiences which had led them to ‘the West-End stage’, a number of our boys in particular were encouraged to apply for Drama and Performing Arts courses at Universities and stage schools.

Lorraine Miller, Teacher

The chance to see our students working alongside professional actors and watching fantastic shows was worth every penny. And such value for money!

Ellen Thomas, Teacher

The Woman in Black was absolutely brilliant! I couldn’t sleep for nights. Couldn’t get the sound of the carriage out of my head. Can we go again next year Miss?

Rebecca Sorby, Student

The workshop was fascinating as I learnt how to create tension and to capture my audience. I also learnt to create an environment through sound.

Debra Hemsley, Student

The hotel was beautiful and on arrival Rich met us with the keys and distributed them to the pupils. He kept us on a tight schedule (with so much planned, this was important.)

We then went to a fantastic workshop at Pineapple Dance Studios where the pupils were taught some of the routines from the West End show ‘We Will Rock You’. The students were mesmerized by the cast and had lots of fun dancing away (as did the staff). The experience of meeting experience of meeting the cast and knowing a little about the musical before the show helped the pupils to really enjoy it more and they were singing Queen songs for weeks afterwards

We had some great meals including a carvery and Nandos during our stay as well as a great breakfast in the hotel to set us up for each day

Tony Staneff, Teacher

We were incredibly impressed by the attention to detail that you gave when organising the visit, ensuring that all our requests were met. As the visit leader I really appreciated the support and advice you gave when completing the risk assessments, ensuring the safety of our students. This was extended to the visit itself where I know you and Dave took the safety of our students seriously. The visit was extremely well-organised and we felt thoroughly supported. We certainly felt well looked after!

Lorraine Miller, Teacher

Big Dave and Rich were brilliant guides. They made us feel comfortable and we could have a laugh, but you knew they were looking after you.

Jess McMillan, Student